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I recently sat in a conversation with a group of students. It was their weekly Lunchtime Group gathering and an opportunity for them to chat matters of faith and life.

One of the students quickly posed the problem,

“I have an ethics class next lesson and we are going to have an Oxford debate on the topic ‘Does God exist?’ How do I argue God’s existence when I can’t physically prove God exists?”

This question sparked a rich and diverse conversation exploring arguments both for and against. It wasn’t hard to keep the conversation moving as students eagerly discussed their thinking and previous learning on the topic. The end of lunchtime came oh so quickly and the student who posed the question thanked the group and the opportunity to workshop some good ideas for the debate.

“I’m so glad we were able to talk this through, I feel like I have some great thoughts to build on. I feel better prepared for having had the chat. Thanks all, this has been really helpful!”

It’s working…

Whilst this is just one example of the power of a student gathering, I could elaborate on a whole Movement of other students in forty-two other schools that are experiencing similar things. It would seem that lunchtimes Monday to Friday are a very fertile and life-giving space, as Christians all over our state (and beyond) are meeting in schools to support each other and explore their faith.

Further to that we are seeing an increase in opportunity to present Mustard Live events in independent schools. It is always fascinating to follow up the large group presentations with one-on-one conversations with students as they process the content and how it relates to their world. Often it is the Christian students themselves that take the lead in response to their peers questions, and this is testament to their bold and passionate faith.

 It’s working…

We are frequently humbled by what is occurring through the ministry of Mustard and the students it represents. It’s working and you’re ongoing support is crucial to its future development. Please do not underestimate the power of your encouragement to students in this process. A simple word, a kind gesture, a donation of time or money, all make an enormous difference to the effectiveness of Mustard.

Thank you for your partnership and please consider how you can support us through the June appeal.

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  1. Ian Hore-Lacy-
    June 9, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    That Box Hill HS video is brilliant! And great that you have Sarah P on board. She’s a gem.