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Can you believe it’s already September!? That means spring is here, summer is only three months away and it’s SILENCE season!

From a comms and media perspective, we’ve seen an amazing amount of growth and development this year. In the last two months alone we have launched a new shiny website (check it out here), welcomed Sarah (our fancy new comms and media team member and publisher extraordinaire), held a successful June appeal, and been to Mozambique and back (well, I have).

As we enter the season of SILENCE, our annual peer-to-peer fundraiser, I think back to the children I held while away in Africa. I am reminded of how little they have, yet how alive and real God is to them. There’s a saying in Mozambique – “they have nothing but time”. This strikes quite the contrast when we compare it to our neck of the Western-world woods. Our young people have anything but time. They are drowning in studies, social commitments, sports games and the pressure to be everything they are not. I recently preached a sermon on hearing God’s voice, and tried to communicate the necessity of being still before our glorious Father in Heaven. The skill and privilege of being still is an art we are slowly but surely losing as a society. In the flurry and chaos of daily life in Australia, we often forget to be quiet and seek God’s peace.

However,  we also forget about some of the people in our context who aren’t given a choice – those who have little to no opportunity to spread the truth of the Gospel –  the thousands of young Christians around Australia. SILENCE exists to raise support and enable us to empower young people to be the positive change in their communities. I truly believe that young Christians are the next generation of world changers. What would our world look like if it was led by individuals that were empowered in their faith as teenagers? What if our world was led by individuals who are confident of the Gospel’s truth and have a desire to live as light in the darkest parts of the world? Maybe everyone would experience God as alive and real to them.

Additionally, my mind is led to consider our powerful volunteers. They themselves have been on this journey, and have arrived triumphantly with a conviction of Christ and all that He is. I am moved as they passionately lead the next generation in faith and love. We are blessed to work with them!

Please pray for us this SILENCE season. Launching a peer-to-peer campaign is always stressful and chaotic, but I pray we don’t forget the why behind what we do. Mustard truly seeks to empower the next generation of gospel-minded world changers. Let’s pray together that it continues this September!

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