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Some of you will be aware that Tom Craven concluded his term as Board Member and Chair in June. He and his family have relocated in order for his wife, Hannah, to study at the renowned University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland.

The Craven’s relocation to Scotland came with mixed emotions for many of us. They are a much-loved part of the Mustard family and we are indeed sad to bid them farewell. We are also excited for the opportunity they have to experience life in Scotland together on this new family adventure.

This edition of the e-news is focused on our tribe of volunteers, and so we felt it was appropriate honour Tom for the many years of sacrifice, commitment and passion he has given to Mustard. A short article cannot adequately express the gratitude we have for Tom’s faithful service; however, we feel it is appropriate to highlight some of his remarkable contributions over the years.

Tom’s connection to Mustard began as a volunteer when he was a university student. Tom presented and facilitated Mustard Live events – speaking to large groups of students, leading discussions and presenting the Gospel as part of a broader team. He also faithfully and diligently led the Lunchtime Group at Camberwell Grammar. Indeed, Tom was an integral part of the early establishment of what Mustard has become today. It is rare and advantageous to be able to call upon such a long-range view of an organisation, and his understanding of Mustard’s history proved valuable when he became a Board Member and Treasurer, which later lead to his appointment as Board Chair in 2015.

Tom’s professional capacity and calming presence has helped to steer Mustard through some of the most challenging years of our existence. When times were tough Tom was often the first to point to God’s faithful provision, which served to increase our faith and ultimately see us move toward growth.

On a personal note, as Director I have always felt supported and cared for through Tom’s leadership. He has been a sounding board, a mentor and someone I do count as a friend.

Mustard is blessed with an incredibly gifted network of supporters. And Tom’s departure creates a great opportunity for new gifts and talents to be added to the board. As such, we ask if you or someone you know would be open to considering a conversation with us about serving in this way. Please pray about whether this might be you, or who you might ask to consider this exciting opportunity.

Tom’s example and contribution over the last decade is nothing short of exemplary! It is a true representation of all who give of their time and resources to make this ministry what it is. The Craven’s continue as avid supporters of Mustard from afar giving time and resources as opportunity permits. So whilst it is not an indefinite farewell, collectively we say a heart-felt thanks to Tom, Hannah, Liam and Amber and wish them God’s blessings for this part of their journey.

God Bless,

ABOVE: Tom, Liam, Hannah and Amber

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