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The best mindset I have ever learned about working with volunteers is “don’t complain about the team you don’t have, be faithful with the one you do.”

I picked this up from one of my mates and it’s probably the only reason I’m able to do my job. My friend and his wife run an arts ministry that punches way above its weight but continually rises to the occasion – largely due to that mindset.

But this isn’t something you can simply say and expect to happen. It has to be what you live, what you practice and what you remind yourself of when you don’t seem to have the team you think you should have. It’s certainly what I’ve had to do as I watch people come and go at Mustard… as I sit with people eager to be involved, only to have them flake out days later… as I plan a program, lock everything down and have a volunteer pull out last minute. In these moments I have to remind myself of the people that I do have.

I am fortunate to have a handful of people that believe the work we do is important. I get to provide opportunities and a platform for them to step out in their gifts. Whether they are actors, musicians, speakers, artists or anything else, I look at what is in my volunteer hand and determine how to make best use of everything they bring. And it’s all in service to the vision God has put in our hearts.

Our volunteers – the ones that hang around – are patient, kind and full of grace. They are a significant part of what we do, and without them it wouldn’t quite be the same. The best ones are brave, selfless and speak the truth. So if that sounds like you or like who you want to be then get in touch and we’ll figure out together the best combination of what Mustard has, what you bring and where we can all go.

God Bless,


ABOVE: some of our Mustard Live volunteer family

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