Student Movement

In 2016 we changed the role of students from followers to leaders in the Student Movement and have consequently broken new grounds in schools ministry. Now, we are looking to see what’s next for our volunteers, and are keen for a strategic shift that will no doubt bring the Student Movement to the next level.

Our Mustard Student Movement has steadily grown over the past few months, and August has been particularly encouraging as we trek right up to the edge of the milestone of fifty groups. We are at forty-eight groups as I pen this post, so be ready to celebrate this upcoming feat with us come September.

While we often celebrate the amazing growth we have seen since our strategic shift to a student-led model, let me take some time to honour our volunteer-led groups. At the moment, 20% of our Lunchtime Groups are volunteer-led, involving either local youth pastors, chaplains or experienced ministry leaders. We have some of the most incredible volunteers working with us and leading some of the oldest and most stable Lunchtime Groups.

Moving forward into 2019, we are imagining a whole new dimension for how young adults (or not-so-young adults) can be a source of support for students living out their faith in schools. While direct involvement in school groups is becoming less of a possibility for volunteers, the opportunity is that we now get to cast our eyes beyond a traditional model. We want to know how we can better utilise the unique capacity volunteers have in guiding students towards what God is doing and wants to do through them.

The outworking of that remains at the end of the factory line of our strategizing process. (How’s that for a fancy way of saying “we don’t know yet!”). However, we do know that most of our Student Leaders are being mentored by their youth leaders or pastors, and we want add our part to that conversation. We are looking for unique opportunities and unaddressed needs specific to the context of our Student Leaders that volunteers can contribute to.

If your school days are in the past but your heart still beats for the current generation of young Christians to thrive in their schools, join the conversation and dream with us.

God bless,


ABOVE: Camberwell LTG Volunteers!

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