The Benefits of Volunteering

I’ve been volunteering with Mustard for about 3 months now and I’ve had an absolute ripper of a time. But when I tell people that I volunteer for a non-profit organisation their response is usually something along the lines of “Oh wow, that must be good for the resume.”

Essentially, people just want to know what I get out of it. Our culture seems to prioritise personal gain above all else, and when we work it’s expected that we get something in return. Apparently, if I’m not getting some cash-dollar, I must be getting something else. But this makes me kind of sad – when did volunteering become a selfish endeavour?

Now, please don’t get me wrong. In actual fact, I receive a lot from Mustard. I get support from a passionate and talented team of individuals who not only sharpen my publishing skills, but also encourage me in my faith. I get to be part of a ministry that sees young people living out their faith and bringing light and love to their schools. I get fulfilment knowing that the few hours I give each week in the office contribute to a wider story of Jesus becoming known among young people.

You see, volunteering is not about having another experience to put on the resume. (Although Brenton, will you be my reference? Bad time? No stress, we’ll chat later). And volunteering is not about some monetary benefit or personal gain. It’s about being a participant in something bigger than myself – God’s Kingdom. That’s why I volunteer at Mustard. In the end, it’s not really about what I get anyway. I have a few hours to spare each week, and I get to give them to a ministry that sees God exalted and young people’s lives forever changed. Ultimately, it’s about giving to and glorifying God.

PS. In case y’all were wondering what I actually do, let me give you the run-down. Chances are if you read something from Mustard, whether it’s on the website or in the next SEED Magazine (insert shameless plug about our upcoming edition), then my eyes have probably looked over it for those sneaky typos or suspect verb conjugations. Basically, I get to work a lot with the fearless and fabulous Georgie Niemandt to make sure all our content is looking schmick!

I love my work here and can’t wait to see what else unfolds as I journey alongside this ministry!

ABOVE: our wonderful team in a tuesday morning meeting

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