Why I’m doing SILENCE

This is my first year taking the SILENCE challenge and it will definitely, no doubt about it, absolutely be a challenge.

My family and friends can testify to my love of talking and I don’t remember going five minutes in silence, let alone 24 hours! (My brother literally laughed out loud when I told him I was doing this.) But when I think about my own experience of being a Christian student in high school, SILENCE is a challenge that’s worth the struggle.

“Sarah, what do you actually do on Fridays?” This is a question I was very familiar with during high school. Everyone knew I was a Christian and went to youth group on Fridays. So why was it so hard for me to explain my faith to the loving and kind people I spent most days with? I’d usually mumble something along the lines of “Oh, you know, we play dodgeball… eat lollies… maybe hear a talk about God or something.”

Yep, I remember feeling alone and unsure at a Christian at school.

But I also know what it’s like to feel completely supported and have great conversations with non-Christians as a result. I was so lucky to have a Christian club and Christian friends at school. It reminded me that I wasn’t alone in the difficult conversations and tricky questions. I could always turn to other Christians at school for support, wisdom and prayer. I still had times when people disagreed with my views or I was too shy to share them in the first place. But I was often able to engage in a mutually respectful conversation with confidence and assurance. And who knows what seeds were planted or how God used those conversations!

My prayer is that no Christian student should ever have to feel they can’t talk about their faith. I hope that every student has access to resources and a support system at school, empowering them to own their faith. It’s an honour to be part of an organisation that makes this happen – Mustard’s resources, Lunchtime Groups and live events all provide a way for young people to explore and express their faith at school.

This October I’m going silent so that Christian students don’t have to. Whether this has been your experience or not, I hope that you will see how worthy this cause is. Partner with us, donate to SILENCE and help Mustard continue empowering young people to speak out about their life-changing faith.

God bless!


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  1. Ian-
    October 4, 2018 at 1:11 pm

    What a rude brother!