Say hello to Towards 100!

Since the Student Movement began in 2017, Mustard has seen the incredible, positive impact our Lunchtime Groups have on students wanting to explore faith at school.

Lunchtime Groups provide students with a safe and encouraging place to connect with other like-minded students every week. They’re entirely student led, and we see our LTG Leaders go above and beyond in the running of their groups. We are so inspired and love seeing students own their faith in this way!

At Mustard we work hard to create resources to help our LTGs discuss and explore ideas of faith. And we are always looking to share these resources with more students and schools…

That’s why this year Mustard is aiming Towards 100 Lunchtime Groups across Australia!

Currently, we have just over 50 groups of students who meet each and every week. Doubling this number is a big task, so this June we are launching our Towards 100 campaign and fundraising to help reach this goal.

On June 16th we will be holding an event to launch our 2019 June Appeal, with proceeds going directly to our Towards 100 campaign. The money raised will help us fund the development of more resources and our Student Movement App, all which will contribute to us seeing the growth of 100 LTGs.

The Mustard team is excited and expectant for this growth – we truly believe God has more in store for this ministry. We can’t wait to see how many students will be encouraged by the growth of the Student Movement.

We want to see all students have the opportunity to access a safe place to share their faith at school, where it is often pushed aside or forgotten completely. This is why we won’t stop until we reach 100 LTGs… and then we’ll keep going!

This campaign is a complete game-changer. It’s the opportunity to be a part of a movement that’s bigger than us alone, and we can’t wait to get started and see where God takes us.

Join us in our campaign Towards 100! We would love your financial and prayerful support this year as we move towards a generation of young people empowered to be fully alive forever!

Find out more about Towards 100 here!

One Comment

  1. Hannah-
    June 4, 2019 at 11:26 am

    Wow!! Such a great vision!
    Know the Student Movement is God breathed and will go from strength to strength. Championing you guys all the way!
    Still have the mustard key ring and it reminds me everyday pray to for the incredible work you’re doing.

    much love team!