God is moving. Don’t miss it!

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped up our 2019 peer-to-peer fundraiser, SILENCE. This year we had 18 students take up the challenge, partnering with us to see the Student Movement financially supported in its mission of empowering Christian students in high schools. But in addition to the fundraising side of things, it was so encouraging to see the solidarity between students as they love and care for each other in this shared journey of living as a follower of Jesus in Australian high schools. Read what one of our students said about why she did SILENCE:

“I want to help students who can’t speak out like I can in my Christian school about their faith and beliefs… The impact of the Mustard’s Student Movement is so powerful. Thanks, Mustard.” – Yazzie (Year 7)

As you can imagine, our hearts are so full from reading that! The spirit of unity in Christ (similar to that of the early church as we read in the book of Acts) comes through so apparently in this little quote from Yazzie. That alone is worth celebrating!

On top of all that, Yazzie raised over $1,000 through SILENCE. Her heart and passion have definitely not gone unnoticed. And all of that money raised will go towards funding the incredible work of the Student Movement. We’re so delighted when we get to hear the direct impact that these fundraising efforts have on the Movement:

“Leading a Lunchtime Group at school has encouraged me to make disciple-making and mission holistic to every area of my life, rather than a separate component. It has helped shape my understanding of how I can be an encouragement to others, especially the younger students, whilst navigating the stresses of being in year 12.” – Grace (Mustard Alumni)

I am personally so encouraged when we hear stories of what our students get to do and experience through their Lunchtime Groups. As you would know, 2019 has seen some massive changes to our team, including the news that our well-loved director Brenton is finishing up in his role at the end of the year. Let me encourage you that amongst these changes the ministry itself is flourishing. God is bringing new life and fresh energy into a thriving environment. We celebrate those who have faithfully served on team for a season, and we welcome those whom God is bringing to us. He is doing something great. Don’t look away now or you’ll miss it!

Tune in next month for our December newsletter as I’ll be providing a brief summary of the wins and challenges of 2019 as well as what we’ve got planned for 2020. Trust that God is at work in us, through us and all around us. Please continue to uphold our team and our students in your prayers. Also, did I mention we are now supporting a Lunchtime Group in Scotland?! Well, that’s a story for next time.

Grace and peace,

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