Wowee! Okay, I know I have only been at Mustard for a few months but seriously, what a massive few months they have been. As 2019 is coming to a close and we are in midst of the the Christmas season, I’m finding myself reflecting on the year that’s been and the wild and exciting ride I’ve had with Mustard.

My Mustard journey began in August. I came onboard to the Mustard Live team just as Kane was leaving and stepped into his role very quickly. They were very big shoes to fill and it felt very difficult to even fathom how I would walk in them.

I was so keen to get straight into the role and prove myself as worthy of this responsibility that, for the first month, I forgot what the role was really about… bringing Jesus to the lives of young people!

It took a lot of looking to God for guidance on how I could bring myself and my personal style to this role whilst carrying on Kane’s legacy. I am grateful for the roller coaster – God made me step back and humble myself before I could fully step forward into the role with confidence.

But while I was finding my feet, God was working hard in favour of Mustard, without me fully realising or appreciating until now. This year we saw an expansion in our ML team into the Geelong region! Jemima Knox came into our world in late 2019 with a very positive can-do attitude and a passion for schools ministry. Her desire to do God’s work, as well as her love for working with high school students, gave us all the confidence we needed to set her up as Greater Geelong Regional Representative.

And just as we were setting up Jemima in her role we were contacted by Geelong Lutheran College. Coincidence? Well, God is pretty cool like that! Next year we will be providing programs (Identity, Science and Faith, Mindset, and Relationships) to the school’s year 11s and 12s.

God blessed us with such an abundance of opportunity in this time of change and it’s only now as I’m writing this that I fully see how He has set Mustard up so perfectly for the year to come!

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all have a safe and joyful New Year.

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