On our way to Towards 100!

In 2017 Mustard launched the Student Movement, a student-led movement that seeks to connect support and empower Christian students as they seek to own and live their faith now and into the future. We’ve seen so much growth in the Movement since then, and at the start of 2019 the Mustard team and board established a vision of Towards 100 Lunchtime Groups by 2020.

We started Towards 100 with 52 groups and we are currently sitting at 55 Lunchtime Groups – praise God!

We’ve seen a shift and change in groups this year. About 12 groups have had to discontinue for various reasons; and we’re seeking new ways to maintain and sustain groups so that they continue year after year. But we are so thankful and excited for the 15 brand new Lunchtime Groups we’ve helped start up this year!

We consider each and every new group an enormous victory. In and through these groups, we know that young people across Australia are having life-giving conversations about Jesus. And that it definitely something worth celebrating.

Although we haven’t yet reached our goal of 100 groups, we are anticipating the growth God has in store in 2020. And so a lot of our attention this year has been directed towards developing our support structures for the Student Movement, particularly as we move towards regional, inter-state, and dare I say it, international growth. We’ve been growing and developing so that we can better support new groups, resource student more efficiently, train young people in discipleship and connect young Christian students as part of a unified movement. This year we have:

Worked on making our systems and processes more streamline and efficient so that they can manage supporting and communicating with large numbers of students.

Served at more than 12 youth events and conferences this year and engaged more churches than even before in a partnership journey.

Welcomed Jemima as our Greater Geelong Regional Representative.

Developed new and updated resources for our Student Movement.

Continued creating the Mustard Web App, which is now 75 percent complete!

All this work had allowed us to create a firm foundation on which to build and support new Lunchtime Groups. And I am confident that our efforts today prepare us to reap fruit tomorrow. 2020 is that tomorrow.

We are more confident than ever that through the Student Movement we can grow the Kingdom. We tend the soil believing that God will bring the growth. With that growth, we will see life transformation, culture change and young people coming to know their Father God.

I implore you to continue to pray with us, believe with us, support us in any way you feel called to.

Together, let’s look forward to 2020.


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