Well hello,

I’m Jemima and really excited to be Mustard’s first-ever Regional Representative! I’m just down the highway in the big country town of Geelong. I moved here two years ago (I’m originally from the inner burbs of Melbourne) and I love it. I enjoy all things outdoors including beach fun (yes, I can surf… kind of), and I play footy for my local club.

My day job is relief teaching in both primary and secondary schools (because variety is the spice of life) and I also take secondary students on their school camps. We do everything from hiking to cycling to canoeing and we always sleep in a tent. It’s great fun and I love most of it, except for those times when a student wakes you up at 3 a.m. because they have a bull ant bite… true story!

My life has always been busy and I’ve always had a bunch of jobs, but God is the ultimate in my life. I love mission, spreading the gospel and encouraging people (particularly youth) in their faith. So Mustard is the perfect fit. I’m super keen to expand Mustard into the Greater Geelong region and see what God has in store.

Catch ya ‘round!

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