Hey everyone,

I hope the New Year is treating you well! Let me give you an update on what’s happening at Mustard and what we’re looking forward to in 2020.

If you’ve been keeping up with our newsletter or social media, you would know that over the last six months we farewelled three amazing staff that have been serving the Mustard ministry for many years. One of them was our much-loved Director, Brenton Killeen.

We want you to know that in and amidst these changes, the Mustard team continues to seek God’s guidance and providence in moving forward. There are days when we feel as if we are like the disciples in a boat amidst a storm, responding to changes and circumstances around us that are beyond our control. However, we have the confident assurance that Jesus is still in the boat. God is and always will be the captain of this ship. And our vision and mission is still the driving force of Mustard’s ministry. Our momentum remains strong, and with God in the hull we are at peace with what is coming.

In the face of needs and a time of change, we are choosing to respond with generosity. We have a heart to see young people across Australia empowered to own and live out their faith at school; and we want to see that continue to thrive and flourish unimpeded by the changes and constraints within Mustard.

So with great trust and excitement, we are releasing a complete set of resources to start a student-led Lunchtime Group for anyone who wishes to access it, completely free! We are inviting all churches, youth groups and Christian youth communities to consider mobilising students to disciple others.

Get a hold of these resources and let it serve you and those around you. If you are a Christian student at school, take a step and be involved. If you are a leader of young people, consider how you can empower those in your care. Be a part of the Movement!

To get a hold of these amazing resources, send an email to today.

And to everyone else, help us share this invitation to any church or youth communities that may not have yet heard of Mustard. We ask that you would continue to support us financially and prayerfully as you feel called.

So that’s our first move for 2020. We are fully believing that God is doing an incredible work in and through the young people of our generation.

ABOVE: Our (totally free and amazing) resource pack

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