Adios Amigos

Let me take you back to April 2018. I had finished my undergraduate degree and just returned from a three-month mission trip in Belgium, cleaning toilets and serving food (not at the same time) at a hospitality centre. Coming home, my heart and soul were full, but my calendar was empty. With no job lined up and no plans for further study, needless to say I took “sitting on my parents couch” to a whole new level.

It was the one and only Miss Georgia Neimandt who then approached me at church and encouraged me to lend my copywriting and editing skills to a seemingly small but incredibly impactful youth ministry organisation called, you guessed it, Mustard. And boy, am I glad I said, “Yeah, okay. Why not?”

These past two years at Mustard have afforded me so much that I don’t think my words will do it justice. I’ve been empowered to trust my professional instincts and expand my capabilities, knowing there were always people who would catch me if I fell. I’ve been personally supported by an incredible team in the ups and downs of life. I’ve been encouraged in my spiritual growth, surrounded by a community who point me towards God in all things. Mustard is an organisation that sets people up for a win.

            And what a privilege it’s been to see Christian students across Australia empowered and set up for success in the same way. Working at Mustard has meant I have seen and heard first-hand how God is empowering young people with His spirit and using them to bring light and life to their school communities. For me, every student that gets to hear about the hope we have in Jesus – whether it’s through Lunchtime Groups, LIVE.LOUD! Projects, LIVE programs or the quietest of conversations with a friend at school – is a victory! And the opportunity I have had to take part in this Kingdom work – to get along young people as they grow in and live out their faith – is something I will always cherish.

            I will always be praying, supporting and advocating for Mustard, the team and the students. It’s time for me to move on from my role at Mustard, but I know God has big things in store and I cannot wait to see it all unfold.

Catch ya laters, alligators! Big blessings to you all.


Above: Me with the Strathcona LTG – it was so awesome getting alongside these young, faithful women over the past two years!

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