Yo! Ella here.

I’ve just started volunteering with Mustard as our new Student Movement Support Coordinator.

I love long walks in the wilderness, playing kick-to-kick with a footy in the park, theatre & performance, dark chocolate and doing somersaults. I’m also a student hot air balloon pilot and have been involved in ballooning with my family of balloon pilots (aka balloonatics) since I can remember.

I have just finished Year 12 and I’m doing some study at Bible College this year while I work out what I’ll do in this big wide world! During Year 12, I led a Lunchtime Group called ‘Christian Union’ with the help of Mustard. Having been an LTG leader, I have grown to be passionate about the awesome ministry opportunities there are in schools, and I’m super grateful for the friends and support I found in my group.

My role at Mustard is to be supporting and empowering student leaders as they pursue what God has called them to do at school. From my experience as a student leader, I found that navigating things like school culture and group dynamics can be quite tricky, so I’m keen to come alongside our students and help out with whatever they need (even though I definitely don’t have all the answers).

Super keen to be part of the team, and looking forward to what 2020 has in store for Mustard!

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