OWN IT. 2020: A steppingstone to greater things…


Over the past weekend we had the pleasure of once again serving our student leaders at our annual OWN IT. Youth Conference. If you’ve never heard of OWN IT., it is our big Student Movement event that helps our student leaders and Lunchtime Groups launch into the year well.  


This year, despite the recent challenges in team capacity, we managed to pull off an incredible event. That itself is a testament to the faithful staff and volunteers for their hard work. While we can’t deny the fact that we would’ve liked to have seen more students attend, we hold confidence in the fact that the students who did come along on that day left feeling equipped and empowered to live their faith boldly in school, more so than before. 


Personally, I had the pleasure of kicking off the day with a simple message: Jesus. We started the day by focusing our attention back on Jesus. We reminded ourselves of the overwhelming splendour of His power and glory, and the unfathomable love in His pursuit of every individual. Revelation 3:20 records Jesus saying:  


“See I stand at the door and knock. Whoever will open up their door and let me in, I will come and eat with them.” 


Allowing Jesus to captivate our hearts again and again on a daily basis is the crucial foundation of everything that we seek to do in His name. How wondrous is the reminder that Jesus has not left us alone! 


It would be remiss of us not to celebrate the impact that will come beyond the event. At our core, Mustard is committed to empowering an everyday faith that young people can take back into their schools. OWN IT. equipped our students with the tools to both start and continue that journey. It became the launching pad for a new Lunchtime Group in Warragul. Some of our student leaders are even taking the initiative to plan a networking event next term. All in all, it is only a step in a bigger journey and a bigger ministry that God has given into our hands to steward. 


I speak with confident, expectation, and joyful hope that the Mustard Student Movement is on track for a great year. May we continue to welcome in fruitful growth and lasting impact through the faithfulness of our students. By God’s grace may we see a generation of young people drawn into relationship with their Creator God. To that end, we ask that you believe with us, pray with us, and continue to uphold us as you are called. 




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