The Mustard Board is excited to announce that Lara Ruddle will be commencing as Mustard’s new Director on Monday 20th April 2020.

Lara has previously worked as a lawyer where she was involved in helping families traverse the legal system, training young lawyers, co-ordinating her firm’s pro bono program and empowering young people to speak at International Conferences.  She has also been a facilitator of the well known Tuning into Kids Parenting Course.  Lara has always been involved in Christian ministry working with youth, children and families. Most recently she was the Children and Families’ Events Co-ordinator at St Hilary’s where she was able to use her creative skills to organise events that engaged people at all stages of faith. She is married to Jon and has three children, Lucy (Year 7), Nellie (Year 4) and Jago (Grade 2)

Lara says, “I am excited to serve in this role as Director of Mustard. I am passionate about seeing Christians grow in their faith and also reaching out to those who are yet to know Jesus, which is what Mustard is all about.  I have followed Mustard’s journey since it started and I look forward to building an even bigger team of students and supporters who can help reveal God’s grace to the schools of Victoria and beyond.”

The Mustard Board is very aware that this announcement comes at a time of anxiety and uncertainty. We remain committed however, to the vision and mission of Mustard to empower young people to be fully alive forever. Now more than ever we believe that the ministry of Mustard is vital to helping young people find meaningful connection in the midst of this uncertainty. Whilst schools may be shut for some time, we have a real opportunity to help facilitate students meeting online and also to produce material that addresses the current situation from God’s perspective and reaches out to those seeking answers.

We are confident that Lara’s appointment will provide the leadership needed to help our team and student leaders navigate these times and we invite you to continue praying for and supporting our team over the coming months.

Yours sincerely,

Neale Meredith

Chairperson, Mustard Leadership Australia

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