Introducing our new Mustard Web-App!


Since 2016 and perhaps even earlier, the Mustard team has had a vision for creating a digital platform to serve our students in their ministry at school. The Mustard Web-App is the first iteration of that vision. We consider technology a blessing and a tool for serving ministry in this day and age, and young people today are more and more tuned in to technology as a way to connect with each other across distances.

In mid-2018, we decided to take a leap of faith and pursue this project despite knowing the sizeable financial capital required to pull off a project of this feat. Thanks to God’s incredible providence and the generosity of certain individuals and organisations, we managed to fund, plan and develop this platform over the next 1.5 years. So here we are!

The Mustard Web-App is ultimately a tool that serves the ministry of our student Lunchtime Groups. It enhances our delivery of Bible-study resources and leadership training into the hands of our students. It provides a platform for organising Lunchtime Groups and sharing stories. It gives us a visual scope of where the Student Movement is impacting and where it needs to reach. Check out more at:

While we would’ve loved to launch this exciting new Web-App under better circumstances, we give thanks for God’s timing that we have an online solution to enhance our ministry during these challenging times. We acknowledge that while the model and structure for ministry in a climate of social distancing looks different, the heart and vision of God’s work remains the same. We are all called to discern and pursue what that looks like.

Help us share the Mustard Web-App to the students, school chaplains or youth pastors/ministers for whom this can be an aid in their ministry work. We are committed to offering our support and partner with them to see our young people become fully alive forever as disciples of Jesus in their schools!

Please continue to pray for our students as they go into what most likely will be extended periods of holidays and online schooling. May they continue to maintain community and connection via digital means. May they continue to look out for the socially isolated and the anxious around them.



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