Lunchtime Groups in a time of ‘learn from home’…


What a month it has been! Just a few weeks ago, we were planning for events and programs that we would attend or run, but everything shifted under our feet very quickly. However, I am pleased to say that despite the structural changes to life and schooling as a result of covid-19, the Mustard Student Movement has continued strongly.

This past month when I checked in with our student leaders, I was blessed to find that our students are adapting surprisingly well to the changes in how school works. Even when schools are all online, as long as our students feel a sense of belonging in their Lunchtime Group community, they will find ways to connect. Sure, most students would prefer to be in school learning and hanging out with their friends physically (even those who don’t normally appreciate school!), but technology is no stranger to them, and continuing to ‘meet’ together over video calls comes naturally enough.

At the start of term, we put together a comprehensive guide on how to run an online Lunchtime Group using the various digital tools available. We found that most students had already mastered Zoom and other forms of online communication. This once again reminds us how powerful it is when we put ownership of the mission into the hands of passionate, ordinary young people. They are motivated, passionate and resourceful. Our role is to simply empower and support them to take the simple steps of faith.

Our Web-App is steadily getting more student sign-ups, and it’s encouraging to hear of them using it as a resource to run their online groups. As we continue to connect across networks of churches and schools beyond our immediate reach, I’m certain that we will be able to engage more students on this journey of faith. Pray with us that this tool will bless more students across Australia, allowing them to bring God’s Kingdom to their school communities.



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