I have officially been on board at Mustard for two and half weeks now and in that short time there has been so much to thank God for. I have been so encouraged to hear stories of how Mustard has changed people’s lives.

I recently attended a zoom meeting of youth ministers in the Anglican church. After I introduced myself, one of the trainee ministers spoke up and said that she became a Christian through the Mustard Lunchtime Group at her school. It was so exciting to hear evidence that these groups are not just nurturing the faith of Christians but reaching out to those who don’t know Jesus. Through Mustard, God has transformed a life and that person has been inspired to become a youth leader at church. Praise God!

I also heard of a Year 10 boy whose parents aren’t Christian, but he really felt drawn to the Mustard group – to the people and the discussion. I heard of a similar Year 7 girl at another school who despite having parents who are quite hostile towards Christianity is seeking answers about God through her Lunchtime Group. It is so encouraging hearing that seekers are finding Mustard groups a safe and friendly place to explore faith.

Behind these great stories are the people who pray. I have attended two prayer groups that are praying for students in schools.  God is using these faithful women and men to bring His spirit into schools and to change lives.

As we are challenged to think of new and creative ways to reach students at this time, I would be grateful if you would pray  this prayer with me:

Mighty God,

We praise you for the way that you are working through Mustard and bringing students to know you.

May you continue to empower Christian students to be a light at school drawing others to you.

Give them the confidence and wisdom to run their lunchtime groups online at this time.

Move in the hearts of students that don’t yet know you and stir them to seek you.

May you help the team at Mustard to find new and creative ways to reach students with your good news both now and into the future for your glory.


God bless,


ABOVE: Our Student Leaders at OWN IT. Youth Conference 2020

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