Over the last few months, our Student Movement team has doubled down our support for our amazing student leaders who continue to gather together to pray and encourage each other. 

We’re halfway through 2020 and it’s been an odd year to say the least! I’ve observed that one of the most obvious changes that COVID has brought to our lives is our proclivity to video calls and meetings. Before all this, I’d only known Zoom to be the fancy gadget our previous director used to video call important people who were too far to meet over coffee. These days, Zoom has been my work life, social life, family life and everything in between! However, the opportunity that arises from this is that our students are more open to participating in Zoom events with us.

Last term, we organised three Student Leader Zoom Meet-ups for our student leaders to connect with each other, and we were blown away by the reception. Our students readily jumped on to the initiative and we were able to facilitate a space for leaders to connect across schools in Melbourne, Adelaide and even our one group from Scotland! As it turns out, a 4:30pm Zoom call in Melbourne is a 7:30am commitment for our friends in Scotland. You’ll get to read more on this in Jemima’s article.

As I write this, Victoria is back in strict lockdown as the situation takes a turn for the worse. However, I am confident that our students will have all the support they need to stay the course. This is an opportunity to revisit the resources and training materials we provide for our student leaders. We are taking this time to consider what our students need going forward and how Mustard can continue to resource them in their Lunchtime Groups, particularly key leadership skills around dealing with change and overcoming challenges.

Going forward, we will continue to create the spaces for connection and conversation, as well as take up their feedback in strategising the way we provide support in the future. Continue to pray for our team and our students to keep our sights on Jesus as we sail the seas of 2020. Don’t forget to check out our 6-weeks of prayer initiative!

May God continue to watch over you wherever you are, and I pray for us all to stay anchored to the trust and our hope in Christ.


Warmest blessings, 


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