Prayer for our Year 12’s
By Jemima Knox

Hi there, our Year 12s need your prayer! Imagine being in Year 12 again – all those exams, ‘post-school’ choices and life stresses…on top of that dealing with school online, no 18th birthday parties and COVID lockdown! Well, that’s what our Year 12s are going through at the moment and just like us, they would appreciate some prayer.

There are two options…

  1. Sign up to ‘sponsor a year 12’ with prayer and encouragement; or
  2. Pray for all of our year 12s generally.

Sponsor a Year 12: If you would like to be partnered up to one particular student please register your details in this link and you will be sent specific details about a students exam schedule. We ask that you pray for ‘your student’ during their exams.

ALSO once you receive your student profile, if you would also like to support ‘your student’ please send words of encouragement and/or bible verses or whatever else you can think of to and we will pass that onto the student. There is no need to do this, just an optional extra.

General Prayer: At the beginning of the exam time (end of Oct) we will also send out a general timetable of when exams are that our students will be involved in so you can pray more generally for all our students.

Thanks for all your prayers and love for our students! When I told them recently that they’d be prayed for many replied with something along the lines of “Thanks so much!” “That means a lot that adults are praying for us!” “You guys rock!” So yeah, YOU GUYS ROCK! :)

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