Here at Mustard we believe that any student anywhere can make a Kingdom impact at their school when they choose to step out in faith, just like Angelina did! Why not take your step to become a student leader with Mustard?

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What was it like being a Christian at school before you started/joined a Lunchtime Group?

It was pretty isolating because I didn’t have many Christian friends but once I was able to find a group of like-minded people it felt like you were in a community and you were part of something.

Why did you decide to start/lead a Mustard Lunchtime Group?

So I met a Christian friend in year seven and we were both able to really grow in our faith and I wanted others in my school community to have that same opportunity and grow with others.

How did you find the experience starting (or taking over) a Lunchtime Group?

It was very daunting at first, it was something that hadn’t been done before, but through trial and error and guidance with our chaplain we were really able to figure out what we were doing and once that first person came it felt like it was all worth the anxiety.

What were some challenges of starting a group and how did you get through them?

Inviting other girls from different year levels was a big struggle for us. But we were able to get through that by advertising in our school newsletter and speaking in assemblies but what really made the most impact was having conversations with others because that’s what created relationships and encouraged others to come.


What were you like as a leader when you started? What steps did you take to grow your leadership?

I was very softly spoken and I hadn’t really trusted myself yet. I had been a leader before but being a leader of a Christian lunchtime group was, like, the next step up for me. But by talking with my chaplain and coming to the Mustard training sessions I was really able to learn to trust myself and learn what actually worked.

What did your group look like when it first started?

So our group was very small at the start. It was very formal, we had a very structured way to go through our sessions but as time went on, we were able to relax and become more comfortable.

What did you do when you met together as a group? Why are those important to your group?

At the start of each lunchtime group, we would take five to ten minutes just to talk about our lives and what had happened so we could help others but also celebrate in their wins and it’s what created relationships and made others feel valued and a valued part of our community.

How did the group change and/or grow over time?

As we grew more confident, our conversations became a lot more meaningful and we were able to question why we believed in what we believed and really grow in our faith and explore a little bit more about what it meant.


What motivated you to keep going throughout your time leading a group?

Honestly, it was the girls in my group. I felt like they deserved a lunchtime group that they could come and talk to and they really encouraged me to grow in my faith so I wanted to do the same for them.

In what ways did your group encourage each other in their relationship with God?

So our conversations really encouraged others to think about what they believed in, but also through our prayer time, we were able to support others and take those prayer points and pray throughout the week and form really strong relationships with each other.

In what ways did your group connect with other Christians/non-Christians outside the group?

So we implored the girls to have conversations with their friends and classmates because that is what stimulated the conversations but we also held lunchtime stalls where we asked girls in the school community to ask questions about faith and Christianity and that is what really stimulated the conversation around the school community.

Tell us a story of how you saw God work in your group!

One of the girls in our group went through some really tough personal moments and that made her start questioning what faith and Christianity was and we were able to have some really good conversations before she came to our lunchtime group. When she came into our lunchtime group she was able to explore the idea of Christianity and what God really meant and was able to start her journey of faith and that was something so wonderful to watch and it really made it feel like everything that we were doing was working and worth it.


How did you ensure that your group kept going after you graduated?

So we encouraged our new leader to come along to the meetings and be more involved as more of a leader than a member, but also encourage her to make it her own group and put an impact on it herself.

How have you grown personally throughout your journey of leading a group?

So not only did it help me grow my leadership skills, but I was able to grow and strengthen my faith a lot more and encourage others to do the same, but it also gave me the confidence to do things similar to this in the future.

What is ONE piece of advice you would give to someone who is thinking of starting a group?

So at the start, it’s super daunting and you don’t know if it’s gonna work, but once you get that first member to come, you feel like it’s going to work out and you’re going to be able to grow that community. So just keep going and it’s going to do some wonderful things in your school community.