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Introducing our new Mustard Director

The Mustard Board is excited to announce that Lara Ruddle will be commencing as Mustard’s new Director on Monday 20th April 2020. Lara has previously worked as a lawyer where she was involved in helping families traverse the legal system, training young lawyers, co-ordinating her firm’s pro bono program and empowering young people to speak at International Conferences.  She has also been a facilitator

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Adios Sarah

Adios Amigos Let me take you back to April 2018. I had finished my undergraduate degree and just returned from a three-month mission trip in Belgium, cleaning toilets and serving food (not at the same time) at a hospitality centre. Coming home, my heart and soul were full, but my calendar was empty. With no job lined up and no plans

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Goodbye Georgia

The last (almost) four years at Mustard have been a phenomenal experience for me. I’ve been reflecting on my time with this ministry and I’m humbled by what I have accomplished in both my professional and personal life. I could not have asked for a better job to begin my career, and I can honestly say that what I have

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Comms Corner Update December 2018

It wouldn’t be a Mustard Christmas article if I didn’t start with ‘what a year!’. Albeit a cliché, this phrase still rings true as I think about the year that we’ve had. 2018 has been a blur of reimagining, breakthrough, growth and celebration. While previous years have mostly consisted of visioning and planning, I can say that for the Comms

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Comms Corner Update October 2018

“Works well yet distracts others nearby.” “Great attitude and study habits, needs to improve quiet class discipline.” “High-quality assignments and effective group participation, however, she is a source of distraction.” These kinds of phrases littered my school reports from Prep through to Year 12. It’s safe to say I’m an extrovert in almost every way. I feel deeply valued when

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Comms Corner Update August 2018

Can you believe it’s already September!? That means spring is here, summer is only three months away and it’s SILENCE season! From a comms and media perspective, we’ve seen an amazing amount of growth and development this year. In the last two months alone we have launched a new shiny website (check it out here), welcomed Sarah (our fancy new

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