Mustard is hiring! We are on the search for two talented individuals to join our Ministry.

#1 Co-ordinator of Schools Programs, Training & Resources 

This role will oversee the Mustard Live Schools Program including creating resources, training volunteers, and presenting both live or filmed workshops.

#2 Manager of Communications & Operations: 

This role requires someone with skills in marketing, fundraising, and design. This includes leading fundraising strategy, creating marketing collateral, providing brand identity through design, and overseeing administrative tasks.

Click below to see the Position Descriptions. Instructions for application are in the document.

Wanna Join the Team?

We wouldn’t be who we are without our volunteer family! And that family is constantly growing.
If you’d love to be part of empowering young people to be fully alive forever, have a read below and find your fit.


The Mustard Student Movement has been established to connect, support and empower Christian students as they seek to own and live their faith now and into the future.
Opportunities include:

Lead a Lunchtime Group

Our Lunchtime Groups are an opportunity for Christian students to gather together at school for support and connection, to explore the ideas that shape their thinking, and to consider what it means to live as a young person of faith. You will have complete access to our LTG Resources and be supported with training and networking days across the year.

Mentor a LTG Leader

Mustard is all about empowering young people to be fully alive forever, and because of this we are committed to raising up strong and bold leaders. In order for this to occur, students need leadership training (which we provide) and a strong mentor relationship with someone that has ‘been there’ before.


Mustard Live is our large group presentation arm.
We facilitate events in schools across Melbourne and interstate, ranging from short presentations to all day retreats to full school faith-week programs.
Opportunities include:


You are confident in front of an audience (or at least not terrified) and committed to honing your raw skills. Seasoned experts are welcome too.


You’re an aspiring artist looking to combine your faith and craft. This includes acting, music, live art, slam poetry and everything in between.

Content Development

You’d love to help us in developing and delivering content for all our Mustard Live events. You see a theme or topic and make it come to life!

Tech & Media

Lights, visuals and sound. You know when it’s working and what to do when it’s not!

Mustard Logos Vector_Mustard Creatives_colour-01

Are you creatively inclined and/or love making things? Looking to volunteer your time to an amazing cause?
We are looking for creatives to join our team who have experience in (but not only):


You can work a DSLR, have an eye for candid opportunities and know how to edit the photos in post-production.

Film & Videography

You have a passion for filming events, scripted videos and everything in between. You know how to edit everything together at the end and can also provide creative opinions.

Web Development

You are very familiar with WordPress and its many integrations. You have a passion for innovative web design, and big dreams!

Social Media Management

You have new and creative ideas for generating engaging content, know your way around a communications strategy, and are familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Publishing & Content Editing

You know the difference between “your” and “you’re” and have a keen eye for detail. Editing magazine text and website content is your jam.


We are always looking for people to join our Mustard HQ admin & operations team!
Jobs include:

Database Management

All things CRM related. It’s categories galore!

Receipts and Invoicing

It’s often during big campaigns like SILENCE that we need your help here. There are A LOT of people to thank :)

Campaign Management

We have several big campaigns we run each year. We need as much help as we can get!

Basic Office Administration

Some people absolutely love this. You know who you are and we love you for it.



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