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We are passionate about seeing students engaged in real, meaningful and life-changing conversations about Jesus.

Young people today spend most of their waking hours during the week in school. We believe that school is such an important element in the formative journey of a student, and that a genuine faith needs to be a core part of that.

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Mustard Schools Program

We seek to start conversations about Jesus and the big questions of life through creative, well-researched and emotionally connected big group presentations and chapel services.

We also know that students listen to their peers and so we welcome the opportunity to mentor student leaders in your school so they can play a part in the presentations and run Impact Projects to carry on the conversation beyond the event itself.


Check out the programs we offer below:

Many people believe that science has made God obsolete. Science and Faith explores how faith in God and the knowledge of science can complement each other. Students will learn to embrace the possibility of seeing science as a mechanism for explaining how God’s creation works, rather than it being mutually exclusive to faith.

While most people agree that Jesus was a historical figure, not many have taken the time to investigate who Jesus is and what He taught. Who is Jesus? introduces the historical and biblical significance of Jesus’ impact by looking at the evidence of His influence on the world. Students will be encouraged to consider the impact Jesus has had and can have in an individual’s life.

Measuring Up

In a demanding world, the expectations of family, friends, school and social media can leave young people wondering whether they measure up. Measuring Up explores the impact comparison can have, what positive self-worth is and how young people can find their individual value.Students will be encouraged to consider what their worth is to a loving God. 

Gratitude explores the positive impact adopting an attitude of gratitude can make on a person’s life. Students will learn the power of gratitude, how to adopt an attitude of gratitude, the scientific benefits of gratitude and how the biblical concept of gratitude can be transformational.

Many teenagers today are passionate advocates for the environment. Climate and Advocacy explores the issue of stewardship and sustainability with a focus on climate change. Students will be empowered by hearing about the role that they can play in contributing to a sustainable future. 

Mustard offers a practical component to help students make a presentation to their local Member of Parliament. 

Amazing Grace looks at the origins of the famous hymn and explores why ‘grace’ is something everyone needs. Students will be encouraged to consider the power of giving and receiving God’s amazing grace. 


How relevant is prayer in today’s culture? Why do people pray? What difference does it make? This program explores what prayer really is and the positive impact it can make in an individual’s life. Students will be encouraged to consider the power of prayer, who they are praying to, and why it matters. 

Uncommon Communities

In a world that focuses on individualism, Uncommon Communities explores the importance of relationships and belonging. Students will be encouraged to consider three key relationships: their relationship with themselves, with others (family and friends) and with God. 


We also cater to specific themes or topics, so let us know below if you’d like a custom program at your school.

Our Team

Here at Mustard we have a team of presenters who are trained, equipped and experienced in communicating with students in a way that is engaging and meaningful. Additionally, we also engage external professionals in our schools programs to provide well-researched information and expert presentations. Check out the bios from our core team of presenters.


SHARON CUNLIFFE – Director of Schools Programs

Sharon has always felt that Star Wars is overrated. Of course, she’s never actually seen Star Wars but thought the comment might inspire some emotional engagement with her profile. Sharon has been working in secondary schools as a seminar presenter for the past six years. Before that, she was the director of a gap year course in vocational ministry. She is a trained singer and actor, and has a Bachelor in Communication.



Alongside studying Science part time, Brittany has also completed a course in Professional and Academic Presentation Skills at Monash University. During her time at PLC, she was in four musical productions and one of the student leaders of their Lunchtime Group. She currently also presents talks regularly on personal development topics, completed a leadership course at the Dream Center in Los Angeles, has both completed and supervised for a VCE Cert III ministry/theology course, and has been a recipient of multiple Victorian art and design awards.


If you want a unique, engaging way to teach an entire year level or school about Jesus, our Schools Program is the way to go.
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The Mustard Student Movement is a network of students who are choosing to own their faith and step out to be a leader for Jesus at school. We empower students to start and lead Lunchtime Groups where students get to gather together, explore faith and live it out to multiply disciples at their school.