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We are passionate about seeing students engaged in real, meaningful and life-changing conversations about Jesus.

Young people today spend most of their waking hours during the week in school. We believe that school is such an important element in the formative journey of a student, and that a genuine faith needs to be a core part of that.

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Mustard Schools Program

We seek to start conversations about Jesus and the big questions of life through creative, well-researched and emotionally connected big group presentations and chapel services.

We also know that students listen to their peers and so we welcome the opportunity to mentor student leaders in your school so they can play a part in the presentations and run Impact Projects to carry on the conversation beyond the event itself.


Check out the programs we offer below:

Many people think that the questions and answers of science are opposed to faith, or even that science has made God obsolete. This program explores how faith and science can co-exist. We use scientific case studies, quizzes, drama and music to explore the nature of knowledge and explain how science and faith answer different questions. By the end, we hope that all students will appreciate that they can be a person of faith and an advocate for science.

This program links with our
‘Science & Faith’ Resource

Many people agree that Jesus is the most famous person in history, yet many of us have never really investigated who he is or what he taught. This popular program introduces the person of Jesus and the significance of the life he lived. Looking at the evidence for him, it uncovers who he is, what he did and taught, and the impact he has on lives today.

This program pairs with our
‘Who is Jesus’ Resource

Expectations from family, school, friends, social media and the broader society, it’s no wonder young people are left feeling confused and stressed about who they are and what they are expected to be. A space for reflection has significantly decreased with the rise of social media and technology.

In this presentation we explore how young people can navigate the variety of pressures they face, what the bible says about how God sees them and how to find rest in an overstimulated world.

Gratitude Journals are big sellers in stationary shops, and scientists have shown that grateful people are significantly happier and healthier. In short, ‘gratitude works’. Christians have a deep understanding of gratitude that can be explored in light of the growing cultural movement and scientific research. In this program we discuss what gratitude is (and isn’t), how we can be grateful, what we have to be grateful for and the effects that gratitude can have not just for ourselves, but for our communities.

Teenagers today have become strong advocates for our environment. This program explores the notions of stewardship and sustainability with a focus on climate change. We creatively present information about problems and solutions in both Australia and in the developing world. Students will also be empowered to develop good advocacy skills. There is the option of a practical component to help students make a presentation to their local member of Parliament.


We also cater to specific themes or topics, so let us know below if you’d like a specific program at your school.

Our Team

Here at Mustard we have a team of presenters who are trained, equipped and experienced in communicating with students in a way that is engaging and meaningful. Additionally, we also engage external professionals in our schools programs to provide well-researched information and expert presentations. Check out the bios from our core team of presenters.



Stephen is a Brit who has degrees in sound engineering, and theology. He has worked and taught in the creative arts. Alongside Mustard, he is undertaking PhD research on the themes of gift and gratitude in the Christian life.



Katherine has been a youth worker and chaplain for over 8 years. Before this she gained an advanced diploma in screenwriting and worked at a production company. She loves encouraging young people and equipping them in their gifts.



Brittany is currently studying science at Monash University while tutoring on the side. She was a student at PLC in Melbourne and has recently spent a year at the Dream Center in Los Angeles. Additionally, she has both completed and also supervised for a Cert 3 Christian course with Vetamorphus.


If you want a unique, engaging way to teach an entire year level or school about Jesus, our Schools Program is the way to go.
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The Mustard Student Movement is a network of students who are choosing to own their faith and step out to be a leader for Jesus at school. We empower students to start and lead Lunchtime Groups where students get to gather together, explore faith and live it out to multiply disciples at their school.